We know that, in today’s economy, it’s imperative that you know what options are available to you so that you can discuss the merits of each in the privacy of your home. Naturally we’re always here to answer your questions. Feel free to call us anytime to explore the variety of ways you can care for both your loved one’s memory and their physical remains.

Caskets | Read More

Caskets are made of metal or wood. Some prefer wood caskets due to their warmth and natural beauty. Others prefer metal caskets for their durability, multiple color choices, high quality finishes, and variety of designs.

The type of material used for construction, personalization features and interior fabric go into determining the cost. Moore's has a wide selection of caskets and range of prices  from which to choose. 

Burial Vaults & Outer Containers | Read More

A burial vault is a lined and sealed outer container that houses and protects the casket.  Nearly all cemeteries require use of a rigid outer burial container and Moore's has several options and range of prices from which to choose. 

Cremation Urns | Read More

These are made from a variety of natural and man-made materials.  Before a cremation urn is selected, some thought should be given to the final placement of the urn.  If the urn is to be kept at home, then something more decorative might make sense.  If it is to be buried in a cemetery, then an urn crafted out of something durable would work nicely.  The presence of the urn at the memorial service might also impact the selection as well.  Moore's has a wide selection and range of prices of urns from which to choose.

Cremation Jewelry | Read More

These can serve as a lovely tribute to a life well-lived.  They are available in stainless steel, sterling silver, and 14k gold and as products containing glass or natural stone.  Personalization features, such as engraving of your loved one's initials can be added. 

When desired, you can arrange for your funeral professional to place a small amount of cremated remains inside a pendant or bracelet.  Also available are Thumbies, which are charms with the fingerprint of your loved one.  You can keep these products with you always as a touching reminder of your loved one.

Personalization | Read More

Every funeral presents an opportunity to share a life story.  From simple personalized touches to elaborate themed services, there are unlimited possibilities for creating a meaningful tribute.  Casket personalization features include medallions or panels displayed in the lid of the casket and designs on the corners of the casket to express the personality and interests of your loved one.  We encourage families to bring items reflecting the hobbies and passions of their loved one to the visitation and funeral service and these themes are often incorporated into the service.  Keepsake jewel and cremation memorial items can serve as loving reminders. 

For more information, contact us or come by one of our locations and request a price list for any of our merchandise.